VME 2019 successfully displayed latest machinery and technologies for the manufacturing and supporting industries by 200 brands from 20 countries. The event attracted over 11,000 Industrial part-making factory owners, engineers and industrialists to come and share about new solutions and technology within industrial and supporting industries.

Let’s listen to our visitor voices and exhibitors sharing after the show. Also, don’t forget to join us in the next time at VME 2020 at I.C.E (Cung Van Hoa) 91 Tran Hung Dao, Hanoi from 12-14 August, 2020 under the theme: FACTORY OF THE FUTURE!!!
This is the third time my company participated in VME exhibition. My company has a metal welding product line, the robot ABB 1520ID combining a rotating rack to weld electric motorbikes and mechanical appliances. Besides, this 6700 ABB robot is used in VinFast automobile factory, nearly thousands of robots and 2600 ABB robots are applied in the grinding industry in CNC machine tools. Back to the show this year, I hope we can promote products to customers, bring ABB images to visitors so they will know which products to invest in.
This is the first time I come to the exhibition. Coming here, we want to show our smart concepts for manufacturing. We are the biggest manufacturer for hard-ware and we want to supply for smart factories in Vietnam. Now, we are focusing on smart factories, new software that collect data from hard-ware machine.
We have joint VME so many times since 2007. Every year, we put much effort on advertising in the exhibition. We focus on automation components, robots, etc. We see that the exhibition this year has much more clients and visitors than before so we expect to approach our appropriate clients.
This is the first time we come to the exhibition in Vietnam. Hopefully, we will get some response here in Vietnam market. We expect Vietnam market will have more manufacturers using more robots so that we can supply more robots for them.
Our company have participated in VME since 2014. We bring here the supporting equipment for factories and industrial parks: compressors, electrical equipment, inverters, printers, and so on. Come to the annual exhibition, we hope to find more partners, distributors, and agents to develop Hitachi brand. I assess that the machinery and equipment market in Vietnam still has a lot of potential for development, but it will be towards technology 4.0. Thus, it should be integrated to suit the market.
This is the second time our company have attended VME in Ha Noi. For the first time, we get so many new customers related to our business. My company specialises in frames, frames for plastic injection. The frames supporting plastic cutting frames with low cost and little time can benefit the manufacturer. Coming to the exhibition, we look forward to finding customers to buy products and promote our products. Vietnam's industry is developing at a rapid pace, so there will be a direction for this mold industry and our LKM company.
This is the 2nd time I come to the exhibition. Our company produces and sells electromagnetic clutch. I come here so as to look for suppliers whose components used in manufacturing process.
This is the 3rd time I come to the exhibition. I come to find suppliers in whittling machine and processing. I think the exhibition this year is a success because it gains much attention from many companies.
I have come to VME so many times, I join it every year. I come here to look for suppliers in technologies, mechanical, springs, plastic, shape. I think this exhibition is very convenient because it create chances for customers and suppliers meet each other.
This is the 2nd time I come to the exhibition. I come to look for suppliers in mechanical, faucet valve, technologies new and products suitable with ours.
Our Company focuses on construction with mostly of Japanese customers. I came here to look for customers as well as suppliers of construction maintenance. I think the exhibition is good for our business so as to expand our market.
This is the first time I have visited the show. My company specialises in automatic wire cutting machines. I come here to look for companies using power lines, monitors, and mechanical companies. I hope to find partners for my company.
I go to the exhibition almost every year, maybe this is the fourth time. Our company provides steel to make moulds for construction factories. Thanks to participating in the exhibition, my company found partners, met friends, had lots of useful information. I assess that this year the exhibition is better organised and there are more units.
This is the 3rd time I come to the exhibition. I come to find suppliers in plastic machine parts. I look for suppliers mainly from China, Taiwan and local companies.
This is the first time I come to the exhibition and I find it useful for my work. I came here with the expectation of looking for products of stainless steel.
I have come to this exhibition for many times and I find it better and better. My company’s main product is pressure gauge so I came here to search for products related to pressure gauge.
Important Note: “VME” Vietnam Manufacturing Expo 2019 is open to trade visitors only. Please dress in business attire. Those wearing shorts and/or and minors under the age of 15 will not be permitted into the exhibition halls.