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Shop & Store Vietnam 2018 is a living paradise, a heaven for businesses seeker where franchisors and technology providers like you will directly interact and reach out to fresh face visitors from diverse ranges of sector such as food & beverages, beauty & health, education, retail store and many more. The event will be a pure B2B meeting place and hub for franchise brands where investors and retailers will learn new trends and extend the networks in the simplest and most effective way possible.


In business, no one wants to stand still, stop improving, and see their competitors soaring above of them technologically. It is a huge challenge for any business owners especially in retail sector to seek for a new way to grow and stay ahead in competitions.

Currently, the ever-evolving demand and expectation of today’s customers, along with an introducing of powerful retailing technologies, are driving all retailers and investors in Vietnam to search for a better way to create, deliver and capture the market value. Hence, top retailers are now embracing and adopting advanced retailing technologies in their stores.

   Some of powerful technologies that have recently become necessary tools are as the following:

Radio Frequency Identification

Inventory control is often one of the most costly, time-consuming processes for retailers. That’s where RFID technology comes in, RFID enables retailers to monitor and exactly know what is on shelves or in the warehouse so the shelves can stay full, and customers can stay happy.

Customer Relationship Management System

Keeping potentially existing customers is unarguably critical for any business. It ensures you a cheaper and faster business growth. With a good customer relationship management system, retail owners can set goal, measure, and improve customer satisfaction in a more efficient manner.

E-commerce technology

Online shopping is recently increasingly gaining popularity amongst modern people. That’s the reason why most of current retailers will need to adapt themselves correspond to this trends by adopting new E-commerce technology to increase sales volume for their business. 

Whether you work on the sales floor or behind the scenes, mastering retail technologies will help you stay marketable. It could not be wrong to say that High-caliber retailing technologies help retailers to stay ahead of the curve and create an impregnable foothold in the industry

If you are a provider of retail technologies and solutions, you will not want to miss this untapped chance to exhibit your high-caliber technologies while the markets are full of demand for your innovative tools and solutions.

Additional to sea of retailing investors and retailers in the show, this must-not-miss event will gather thousands of serious franchisees from diverse ranges of business sectors including food & beverages, beauty & health, education, retail store and other non-food business under one roof. All exhibitors will meet in face-to-face with fresh faces to further expand business network and create new genius business contacts.

Here is an exceptional chance for a franchiser like you to present your innovative business concepts and solutions in front of many key prospects that have a dream of being a franchisee to brand out and grow.

To build an unparalleled exhibition, we would like to gratefully acknowledge the contribution and support of the following organizations towards Shop & Store Vietnam 2018:

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