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Thailand is among the top-ranked part producers suppling a large quantity of various types of components to the world. The country’s export index and domestic production base volume surpass most of the neighbor countries due to several advantages, be it location (Thailand is the center of the ASEAN region), large domestic market, strong supply chain, and the reinforcement of government’s investment promotion policy.  In global supply chains, Thailand’s supporting industry ranks 2nd in HDD export, 7th in computer devices export, and 6th largest commercial vehicle producer.* Japanese automakers, whose productions and sales dominate over 75% of the market, have positioned Thailand as the production base of 1-tonne pick-ups and eco-cars for exports. In addition, Chinese and European manufacturers have shown increasing interests in producing the large cars, as well as luxury vehicles in Thailand.**
Surface treatment and coating is one of the main pre-production processes that add a huge value to electronics and auto parts. A constant demand of electronics and auto parts make surface treatment and coatings an emerging industry, which undoubtedly, comes along with high competition. Advanced and automated treatment and coatings are being applied in the industry to enhance its productivity and product’s quality. And Thai industrial sector, too, is preparing to embrace the new wave of “Industry 4.0” that will greatly impact part making processes; therefore, all forward-looking industrialists should take this matter as a priority. It is undeniable that flexibility to adapt is a company’s trait that is needed in today’s fast-changing industrial environment, or else there is a high probability to be left behind in the current world’s competition.

Boost your advancement and prepare yourself for upcoming business opportunities by joining “Surface & Coatings 2018,” an exhibition to provide latest innovations, technologies, and complete solutions for treatment, paints, and coatings. The event will serve you with a myriad of business-inducing programs throughout four show days with a wide range of must-see features such as innovation updates, in-depth presentations, special product focus features, live demonstrations, along with various on-site seminars that will widen your horizon of surface & coatings industry and could be applied as your future strategies. In addition, one-on-one meeting at the event will enable you to make business connections even easier, get potential buyers even faster, and get insight into new know-how even deeper.

Source: * ** IO_Automobile_2016_EN.aspx

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Being part of Manufacturing Expo 2018, ASEAN’s leading machinery and technology event for manufacturing and supporting industries, meant participants of the Surface & Coatings 2018 will be offered with the widest array of automation and assembling technology, mold making technology, electronics manufacturing technology, plastic and packaging, automotive body parts, and surface and coatings solutions by 2,425 brands from 46 countries. This event will gather industrialists across ASEAN to meet with new people from different sectors while having new experiences and gaining new ideas in the event’s seminars and on-site technology demonstration.

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