NEPCON Vietnam 2019 has successfully gathered over 200 brands from more than 20 countries with 7 international pavilions and offered many onsite activities together with exclusive business matching programs for both global exhibitors and visitors in electronics sectors.

Let’s stay tuned with the biggest event of Vietnam electronics industry and don’t forget to visit the next NEPCON Vietnam at I.C.E, 91 Tran Hung Dao, Hanoi from 9 -11 September 2020 with the theme “Electronic 4.0 Insider” and grab your chances to non-stop energising for business!
NEPCON 2019 in Hanoi draw more visitors compared to previous one. FUJI has taken part in the expo for 3 year continuously. This year, we want to provide outstanding solutions applying smart factory (4.0 industry) and has found more new customers so far. Besides, we have new business relations and potential partners, too.
This is the second time we’ve joined the exhibition. The number of visitors to Shinmaywa in Hanoi’s event is bigger than in Ho Chi Minh. I think NEPCON is an effective expo for my company to advertise products to existent customers as well as seek for new potential partners. We’re considering to join NEPCON in the next year.
NEPCON is a familiar exhibition with our company, this is our third time we joined the show. Our company specialised in trading service for supplying UV lamps for Ultraviolet drier. From my point of view, the customers this year are still nice and our company also have some important contracts as well as partners trading company finding products, suppliers. I definitely will come back with this show next year.
This is the first time of our company in NEPCON Vietnam. Our company specialises in PCB plating equipment. We see that the visitors are always very nice and we already got the clients here. Come to this show, we also would like to find more business opportunities to develop the company in Vietnam market.
My company has contributed in NEPCON many times both in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city. The main activity of my company is selling measurement devices, products such as XRAY machine, force sensor machine. We really appreciate this show because we can meet and cooperate with potential partners at the show.
This is the sixth time I’ve been here in NEPCON. This time, I can feel a better organisation, from the check-in procedure to the way the organisers manage exhibitors’ information especially with detailed booth list this time. The number of single visitors and guests are mostly from China. We hope that today there will be more partners from big companies dropping by our booth.
Although this is my first time I joined this show, I feel it very nice and useful. I know more new technology that can apply at my company. My company specialises in electronic equipment, and that’s why I choose NEPCON to find and meet suppliers for my company.
This is my first time I participated in the show, however the show is very impressive and helpful. I’m really satisfied with the arrangement of NEPCON, well-prepared booths and good products are shown here. Because my company works in term of trading technology products, I hope that I will find out potential suppliers.
I’ve showed up for NEPCON twice, but I feel more satisfied with NEPCON 2019 where there are more good booths. I spent time visiting all the booths, and luckily I found some potential partners thanks to NEPCON.
I’ve joined NEPCON for many years. This year, I see a very good organisation of booths for exhibitors and clear ways for visitors like me, I can go everywhere without missing any booths. The expo helps me find new partners.
I visit NEPCON every year and so far this is the fourth time. NEPCON provides me opportunities to seek for suppliers, connect to more enterprises in Vietnam and widen my business networks, too.
This is my second time joining in NEV. I was first impressed by its large scale with a number of different modern machines. This is a good chance for me to update more information and find suitable products. I am interested in a lot of things here and want to learn more about them.
Every year, I always arrange my time to participate NEPCON. The show is extremely interesting and suitable for my company demand. My major products is measurement devices. I do hope that my company can cooperate with new supplier after this exhibition.
Three or four times… I don’t remember so well, but I find this time more interesting because of more companies and better organisation. I come here to seek for business partners.
I come to NEPCON with a view to seeking suitable partner, this is also my very first NEPCON. I see that this exhibition is on a large scale with very professional organisation. Here I find may high-tech electronic component.
I’m new to this exhibition. NEPCON this year is huge in scale, there are many booths. I see my chances to widen my business link through this exhibition.
I have attended the NEV for 5 times. What makes this year’s exhibition different from the last ones is that it focuses more on the 4.0 technology with many up-to-date machines. My company have cooperated with many brands here and we still want to find out more about new products.
I come to NEV almost every year. It is well-organised and well-managed with many new and famous brands in the world. I feel totally satisfied with this year’s exhibition.
The final day passed successfully and we found the winner of the competition this year: Mrs. Bui Thi Nhung. Let’s join us to give her big applause and wish her all the best with the trip to Germany!    
About competition:
I watched this competition 8 years ago however for this time I think it is much better. I am extremely impressed by contestants in this year because of their higher skills. This competition is a good chance for me to know how quality of Vietnamese employees changed these days.  

About exhibition:
This is the 5th time I’ve been in NEPCON Vietnam. The show is bigger and more professional than the previous time I visited the show in Hanoi 3 years ago. There are plenty of booths from different countries in the world such as Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam as well. I highly appreciated this show because it expressed good change of Vietnam to attract more and more foreign companies invest into Vietnamese market in globalisation period.
About competition:
First of all, I would like to express my gratefulness to the organisers of this competition as well as NEPCON Vietnam 2019 for holding a useful competition like this. My ordinary purpose just only is for experience and challenge myself that’s why I am extremely surprised when my name was called by the MC for 1st place. Thanks to this prize, I wish I can improve my skill better and make my dream come true.

About exhibition:
Although I have to concentrate on the IPC contest, I still have time to walk around the show. I find the show really helpful for us to broaden our mind by watching new technology, machine from developing countries. Next year, I will introduce more colleague to join the show.