“Showa Denki has been joining METALEX Vietnam every year since 2014 as it is an opportunity for us to expand customer base, generate leads, and grow our business. With an aim of delivering service equivalent to or even better than Japan, we hope that visitors will be able to join and experience our products with their own eyes at the show. In addition, we expect METALEX Vietnam 2019 to be a platform to present our “真心” or “magokoro” philosophy. “Magokoro” means “sincerity, pure heart, and uprightness”; we would like to express our sincere attitude in doing our best for our customers and become a “service company with a manufacturing department” with our customers’ needs at the heart of what we do.”
Takashi Mitsuya
Overseas Sales Engineering Chief
Showa Denki Co., Ltd.
Showa Denki Co. Ltd, was founded in 1950 in Japan and its headquarter is located in Osaka. Today, Showa Denki Group has many branches over the world, namely South Korea, Taiwan, USA, Mexico, and Thailand. The company’s core products include electric blower, environmental equipment, fans & blowers, and dust collector.

At METALEX Vietnam 2019, Showa Denki will showcase its renowned air pollution, dust collection & control, ventilations and fume extraction system and many more for industrialists to experience solutions that meet their manufacturing and processing needs. So, come at meet them; pre-register to visit to receive special privileges by clicking here.

Brand:  Showa Denki
Model: CRM Series

  • Collect mist generated by machine tools: CNC lathes, grinders, machining centers, parts washer.
  • A variety of options: motor output from 0.2kW to 2.2kW, two types of front filters and three types of end filter.
  • Both horizontal and vertical mounting, up to 60 combinations.

Brand:  Showa Denki Group
Model: WR-200W

  • The speed is at 1m per second or up to about 15m
  • Reduce temperature unevenness by distributing air through long distances in a stable and efficient manner.
  • Move hot air or steam from inside a plant to an exhaust fan
  •  Air can be provided to workers in hot and humid weather.

Brand:  Showa Denki
Model: GRM-H04T

  • Can be used immediately by a duct installment
  • Equipped with casters, can be moved easily
  •  Adjustable volume (equipped with an inverter)

Brand:  Showa Denki Group
Model: WRM-H04S-D

  • Easy-to-use dust shaking system (dust removal mechanism)
  • Air coupler is provided
  • Power tools can be used on the workbench for machining parts and other items.
  •  In the case of the desk type, the size of the open area can be adjusted (small, medium, large) by using the rubber board.