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The METALEX Vietnam 2017 heads into the last day with vast constellation of industrialists from diverse industries have been acquiring new technologies, knowledge, business partners and inspirations in order to be prepared for the ever-changing market conditions. Over the course of three days, the halls and booths were brimming with life as manufacturers met face-to-face with world-class providers to discuss about products that will enhance their parts manufacturing and metalworking performances. Furthermore, technology owners from 7 International Pavilions from China, Germany, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand displayed enthusiasm while sharing technology about metalworking with Vietnamese manufacturers.

Everyone is making the most out of their participation. This is truly a worthwhile event to dive deep into the world of metalworking solutions, build alliance, and acquire the latest industry insights that take the industry into a new era of metalworking.

Today METALEX Vietnam 2017 will draw to a close. A new dawn of manufacturing industry will arise. Production will never be the same. Come embark into the new metalworking revolution together now!

As the Vietnamese electronics industry grows, they are becoming more integrated into other industries. They will need better technologies and solutions in order to better satisfy the requirements of their customers. Today is the last chance to source the latest solutions in electronics in electronics manufacturing at Electronics Assembly 2017. Don’t miss new technologies and networking opportunities top providers under the Singapore Pavilion.

Get ready to be launched into the arena of KOMA TAISEN Competition to experience high octane battle between metal spinning tops made with maximum precision and craftsmanship possible. You’ll experience load of actions and stunning takedowns as the metal spinning tops clash each other for total domination. Don’t miss the intense, relentless battle today from 10.00 – 16.00 hrs.

The Universal Robots Showcase was well attended by manufacturers and delegates interested in the applications of collaborative robots in factory floors. To promote collaborative robot technologies, Universal Robots features its UR3 Robot by showcasing its abilities to perform tasks that require precision and flexibility such as making omelet and coffees. Manufacturers from diverse industries can come meet the Robot Chef and Barista here.

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Took place in 13 October, crowds swarmed the racing arena desired to witness the functionality of drone technologies and how they can prepare their business for new opportunities for the drone industry. Congratulations to the winner, Mr. Vinh Tung Huynh, from Flying Penguin team, Australia for displaying exceptional piloting skills. Furthermore, you learn more about drone parts and components, along with the future applications of drone with professionals in the industry. Today is the last day!

The live technology demonstration “Shows in Show” received the attention from industrialists who see potentials in the latest metalworking innovations. Today is the last chance to meet with top providers such as DAI TAM LONG, HEXAGON, NHAT CUONG, NSSW, TAKAMAZ, UNIFY, VINAMACHINES, VIET VU, and YAMAZEN. Join now to take production to the next level!

Yesterday, Vietnamese engineers from wide range of manufacturing sectors gained enlightening insights on how Industry 4.0 will play the role in the manufacturing and supporting industries. During the seminar Assoc. Dr. Pham Ngoc Tuan delivered an overview of disruptive technologies and offered advice on how the industry should react to overcome these new challenges.
Business enterprises from various industrial sectors joined the technology presentations and business matchmaking event by The Metal Industry Research and Development Center (MIRDC). The presentation and one-on-one matchmaking session successfully delivered new partnerships, fruitful exchanges and dynamic business development.

Mr. Nguyen Ngu Binh
Marketing Leader

“We participate in METALEX Vietnam this year because we want to investigate the market. Although there are so many good technologies exhibited, we are quite confident about our bar code solution. In addition,
I am very impressed with the Drone Racing which firstly performed this year.”

Mr. Takashi Katayama
Managing Director

“Our company specializes in import and export products. We have a huge demand in Vietnam market and I see many Chinese or Taiwan companies have it as well. But we are really confident to bring our high quality products from Japan to Vietnam that is super competitive.”

Mr. Toshimichi Kuronuma

“This time we proudly introduce the latest products such as injection items, electronic components and our new project to customers. Thanks to METALEX Vietnam, we could expand our business network as well as connect with many potential clients and partners. Moreover, I found it as a good opportunity to directly meet customer’s demand.”

Ms. Tracy Yang
Asia Region Sales Manager

“This is the first time my company join METALEX Vietnam. We are selling machines and willing to promote our brand name in this market. Besides offering machine tools, we are also seeking local agents that have good services.”

Mr. Tomonobu Morisako
Manager, Microscope & Marking Division

“METALEX Vietnam is the best place that offers many benefits for not only exhibitors but also customers. There are many business opportunities to promote our specialized products preferred as FA sensors, measurement products and microscope and our services. We hope to provide products in terms of quality for customers’ satisfaction.”

Mr. Victor Ho
Sales Manager

“I found that METALEX Vietnam was interesting exhibition to join. There are a lot of partners, suppliers that we can co-operate. We brought here our newest line-up of technique like flexible manufacturing stimulation system. By the way, I want to thank the organizer for all the support this year.”

Mr. Le Huy Son
Sales Manager

“This is the second time I come to METALEX Vietnam. I’m totally impressed by new technology this year such as the latest robotic arms. In my opinion, I hope Vietnam companies who are working in manufacturing industry can try their best to invest for new effective technologies like that, not only for higher efficiency but also to catch up with emerging trends.”

Ms. Le Thi Thu Huyen
Sales Manager

“We’re here today to look for all kind of products to support our business, the reason why we always choose METALEX Vietnam is because it place to see large assemble of for quality metalworking solutions. Moreover, visiting the show is also one of my great opportunities to reconnect with our partners.”

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Thien
Production Manager

“Our company is well-known for manufacturing pens, and today we came here to look for new automation technology to update our factory. Many exhibitors in METALEX Vietnam introduce many technologies and solutions that catch the attention of our business.”

Mr. Nobuo Imamura
Executive Vice President

“I’ve participated METALEX Vietnam for seven years and I always feel good to be here. METALEX Vietnam is extremely useful for all people who want to update new information in mechanic industry and look for new products, new technologies and new customers as well.”

Mr. Kim Van Trung
Leader – Purchasing Department

“I think this exhibition very useful, interesting and impressive. I especially impressed with the industrial robots. Quality technologies and solutions are exhibited by good brands. I hope that the organizer will be able to hold more exhibitions like this.”

Mr. Dinh Van Tai

"I have visited METALEX Vietnam many times and the exhibition always impresses me in term of quality in products. Today, I want to update our technologies and meet new partners to grow our business networks."

Mr. Nguyen Manh Hung

“METALEX Vietnam has been known as one of important exhibitions in metalworking industry in Ho Chi Minh City where business can visit to find new technologies. Besides, most of the machinery displayed here are usually high quality and precision which is useful for our business development.”

Mr. William Wang
Sales Manager

“I visit METALEX Vietnam to research the market, see latest metalworking solutions and machine tools for manufacturing. Actually, industrialists in the manufacturing and supporting industry should visit this event to find technologies that can meet their demand.”

Discovering technologies, meeting new people, and witnessing the latest developments in metalworking; these are the goals of
METALEX Vietnam 2017.
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