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The 2017 edition of Vietnam’s international metalworking trade exhibition was officially declared open in a grand ribbon cutting ceremony, which was presided by the honorable presence of Mme. Ureerat Ratanaprukse, Consule-General, the Royal Thai Consulate-General in Ho Chi Minh City, Mr. Suttisak Wilanan, Deputy Managing Director, Reed Tradex Co., Ltd. and influential international industry leaders who voiced their confidence in Vietnam. The ceremony marked a new chapter for the supporting and manufacturing industries.

After the spectacular opening, industrialists from Vietnam and other countries flocked into the exhibition hall in order to find modern machinery, developments in metalworking and networking opportunities with key players. Meanwhile, exhibitors were busy explaining the function of their machinery to buyers who traveled from far flung places. The crowded hall and business discussions among participants are turning Ho Chi Minh City into an international metalworking hub.

It’s a big day for manufacturers with two days left to engage in networking opportunities, join business-inducing events and source the latest technologies.

During the opening ceremony, Consul-General of the Royal Thai Consulate-General, Mme. Ureerat Ratanaprukse and Reed Tradex’s Deputy Managing Director, Mr. Suttisak Wilanan delivered a speech that encouraged manufacturers to explore new solutions and networks that will optimize their business expansion.
Mrs. Ureerat Patanapruke
Consul-General of Thailand to Ho Chi Minh City
“One of the key messages reflects from His Excellency Nguyen Xuan Phuc’s official visit to Thailand in August is the emphasis on the potential of Vietnam’s and Thailand’s strengths as an important hub for the sub-regional production and supply chain. And our two leaders further reaffirmed their determination to support the substantial investment, particularly in fields fundamental to Vietnam’s economic growth, such as industrial estate development, energy, construction materials, garments and textiles, agricultural and food processing electronics and automotive components. Therefore, the events today are definitely contributing to the ‘greater flow of investment’ not only between Thailand and Vietnam as envisaged by our leaders but also among ASEAN countries and beyond to prosper together.”
Mr. Suttisak Wilanan
Deputy Managing Director
“Manufacturing is essential to the Vietnamese economy. Throughout the 20th century, the industry helps draw the entrepreneurial spirit of foreign investors and cemented Vietnam as one of a leading manufacturing hub in ASEAN. Now, facing the upcoming Industry 4.0, to stay ahead of the competition in the 21st century, manufacturers must improve their business to be more efficient, collaborative and agile than ever, so they could secure their competitive edge. That’s why METALEX Vietnam 2017 will play distinct roles in this effort.”

If you seek the latest electronics manufacturing and assembly technologies, the Electronics Assembly 2017 is the place for you to gain first experience with machinery, along with networking opportunities with companies under the Singapore Pavilion. This is your promising destination to minimize your production cost and boost efficiency.

AUTONICS VIETNAM is proud to announce the celebration of their remarkable success of its 40th business anniversary that took place in METALEX Vietnam 2017. Yesterday, Mr. Suttisak Wilanan, Deputy Managing Director of Reed Tradex went to Autonics Vietnam to congratulate their 40th anniversary.
To congratulate Nhat Cuong Trading & Services Co., Ltd. for their new milestone, Mr. Suttisak Wilanan, Deputy Managing Director has visited their booth to share a glass of champagne, celebrating Nhat Cuong’s 15 years of supporting the Vietnamese manufacturing and supporting industry.

The Universal Robots Showcase was well attended by manufacturers and delegates interested in the applications of collaborative robots in factory floors. To promote collaborative robot technologies, Universal Robots features its UR3 Robot by showcasing its abilities to perform tasks that require precision and flexibility such as making omelet and coffees. Manufacturers from diverse industries can come meet the Robot Chef and Barista here.

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The high speed Virtual Reality Drone Racing competition starts today from 9.00 – 16.00 hrs. Racing drones are small, highly maneuverable and fast but also difficult to control. Don’t forget to drop by at the racecourse with crowds gathering around to witness drones whizz through the finish line.

Yesterday’s technology demonstration in “Shows in Show” has drawn all eyes of all industrialists who are impressed with state-of-the-arts technologies and solutions that will upgrade the manufacturing and supporting industries with cutting-edge performances and functions. If you are interested in the technology tour, the program is as the following:

Yesterday, the exclusive AHK Presentation under the topic, “Baden-Württemberg: International, Innovative, Inviting” saw active participation of business delegations who received new knowledge, guidelines on investment and network expansions with Mr. Marko Walde, Chief Representative of Baden-Württemberg, Vietnam.
Costs, constraints and capacities are some of the dynamic challenges that firms need to overcome while at the same time satisfy customer demands. Yesterday’s METALEX Vietnam Forum addressed these issues through supply chain experts who provided an overview of the supply chain management and optimization methods. Delegates received new knowledge and methods in order to plan their supply chain optimization that reacts to changes in the market.

“Development trends, opportunities and solutions for Vietnamese manufacturing industries in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution”

Assoc. Dr. Pham Ngoc Tuan
Vice President
Ho Chi Minh City Association of Mechanical Engineering (HAME)
The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here. Technologıcal advances have blurred the boundaries between the digital and physical worlds. Intelligent, interconnected systems now seamlessly support activities along the entire value chain. Therefore, this course will highlight technical training programs that are designed primarily to help engineers create value and opportunities for a smart future.

  • Presentation will be conducted in Vietnamese.
  • Only delegates who complete program will be accredited to receive certificate from Engineer Master Class.

Mr. Taiki Hasuka
Regional Manager

“The reason we have joined METALEX Vietnam is to reach more target customers in Vietnam and to introduce our products. This is also a good place where we can meet and discuss with many people in our industry.”

Mr. Le Thanh Vinh
Chairman and CEO

“Our company is about metal welding and cutting. Participating this year, we bring our newest technologies like Plasma welding robot and welding waterproof material. According to us, METALEX Vietnam is well-arranged. Moreover the service for customer is much better.”

Mr. Nguyen Vu Phuong

“We continue to join METALEX Vietnam because this is the very well-known technology exhibition. Moreover, we can find our potential customers as well as display our feature products – laser fiber to suppliers and clients. We are very satisfied with the service and communication activities to attract customers.”

Mr. Sheng Lee
Sale Presentative

“We have been participated METALEX Vietnam for 3 or 4 years already. It’s a great opportunity for us to provide key component for our business and explore more customer. This year, we focus on robot system and mainly aim to the customers those are seeking for automatic technology.”

Mr. Pham Nguyen Dang Trinh
Sales Manager

“This is the very first time we join METALEX Vietnam. I am so excited to bring these newest products from Mitsubishi which are high accurate pattern processing. In addition, we want to introduce Germany measuring device. Our expectation is customers’ consideration about our products.”

Mr. Ly Chi Cuong
Engineering Consultant

“We specialize in trading and repairing tool machine. Our highlighted products this year are Doosan processing machine and Daivi bending machine. The reason why we join this exhibition is to research customer’s awareness about our brand as well as showing theme products.”

Today from 9.00 – 12.00 hrs., The Metals Industry Research and Innovation Centre (MIRDC) will host a special technology presentation and business matchmaking event under the theme, “Industrial Innovation International Workshop” at METALEX Vietnam. If you seek to meet face-to-face with partners in the manufacturing industry, along with keeping abreast of latest technologies, this is the event that will fulfill your objective.

Mr. Ngo Dinh Dat
Engineering Staff

“My concern is to latest technology in automation and measurement systems. Moreover, I was really impressed is robot performance. Thanks to METALEX Vietnam I have great opportunity to learn more about what’s new for the manufacturing and supporting industries.”

Mr. Shota Maejima
Marketing Section for Industrial & Factory Automation Equipment

“This is my first time for being here. I found that METALEX Vietnam exhibits many high technologies which are exactly what I’m looking for. I was especially impressed by Hiwin’s robots and Yamazen’s machines.”

Mrs. Tran Thien Linh

“I would like to seek and enquire about developed technology and equipment supply. I have visited METALEX Vietnam for many times that helps my business a lot. I hope the exhibition will be greater and greater each year.”

Mr. Nguyen Phuong Dong
CRO – Vietnam Office

“I am looking for potential partners because there are so many exhibitors here. However,
I hope that METALEX Vietnam next year will have more exhibitors to develop and diversify manufacturing industry.”

Mr. Nguyen Van Khai
Assistant Manager

“I got surprise due to the technologies which are exhibited this year. All the machines are upgraded, more detailed and accurate. Moreover, I feel satisfied about customer service this year.”

Mr. Somchai Piamchon

“It is a great opportunity for me to participate in this exhibition. I found that there are many new machines, new technology which are more accurate and precise.”

Mr. Truong Loc
Technical Manager

“Firstly, this is the 3rd time I have visited METALEX Vietnam. METALEX Vietnam helps me to have an overall view about mechanic manufacturing industry. Especially, I want to investigate the market for processing technology.”

Mr. Truong Viet Thuy
Brand Director

“I think METALEX Vietnam gives more benefits for working and researching. It’s easy to learn about new technology and keep in touch with my suppliers. This is the best place where I can experience product performance and collect useful information from experts.”

Discovering technologies, meeting new people, and witnessing the latest developments in metalworking; these are the goals of
METALEX Vietnam 2017.

See which spin tops are the toughest, the meanest and the most unique as they blaze to become the champion in tomorrow’s intense, relentless KOMA TAISEN Competition. Tomorrow come see the best spin makers pour their soul in designing and manufacturing the best spin tops with your own eyes.
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