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Open today! The powerful combination of three shows, METALEX Vietnam 2017, Electronics Assembly 2017 and Industrial Components & Subcontracting Vietnam 2017 as well as the constellations of technology providers representing 500 brands from 25 countries, accompanied by 7 International Pavilions from China, Germany, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand are ready, at full steam, to introduce advanced metalworking solutions, latest electronics assembly technologies and high quality industrial grade parts. Alongside technology adoption, manufacturers and industrialists across Vietnam and ASEAN can receive new inspirations from the new features, which are added, to strengthen their productivity and networks together with business delegations from diverse industry.

Come join the new metalworking revolution and be the first to take advantage of this first class business opportunity!

Mr. Isara Burintramart
Managing Director
Reed Tradex
Co., Ltd.

“I wish to invite you, on the behalf of Reed Tradex, to METALEX Vietnam 2017 and its co-located events namely the Industrial Components & Subcontracting Vietnam 2017 and the Electronics Assembly 2017. The three events together will create an engine of growth, promote technological applications, and celebrate metalworking excellence for the future development of the industry. On this occasion, I would like to take this opportunity to express my best wishes to all exhibitors, visitors, supporters and related parties, and may you accomplish your goals with utmost success.”

See the future of collaborative robots; meet Universal Robots’ UR3 which will showcase its abilities its advantages in precision and flexibility through cooking omelets and brewing coffee. Despite greater precision and accuracy being important, the future lies with the ability for robots to be able to work closely with human operators. Manufacturers can come explore the applications of collaborative robots and automation on factory floor with Universal Robots special showcase.

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Don’t miss the opportunity to learn and experience the latest drone technology at METALEX Vietnam’s new feature, the drone technology showcase. Here manufacturers and electronics industrialists across Vietnam join various presentations and explore the manufacturing process of parts by professionals in the industry. Furthermore, tomorrow, 13 October, you can come see the thrilling Virtual Reality (VR) Drone Racing competition, for the first time in Vietnam, from 9.00 – 16.00 hrs.

Come embark on a grand technology tour to discover breakthroughs from leading providers such as DAI TAM LONG, HEXAGON, NHAT CUONG, NSSW, TAKAMAZ, UNIFY, VINAMACHINES, VIET VU, and YAMAZEN.

Mr. Ji Taik Chung

“METALEX Vietnam provides a great opportunity for our members to demonstrate the potentials of Korean technologies with Vietnamese manufacturers. High quality machinery from Korea allows manufacturers to customize production process and enhance productivity; we believe these advantages are crucial for the development of Vietnam’s manufacturing industry. Our members would gladly answer any machinery inquiries at the Korea Pavilion.”

Mr. Alex KO

“At our Pavilion, local and international visitors will see the latest robots, ball screws, gearboxes, along with CNC lathe and machine centers supported by the latest software and sensors for high precision parts production. We are ready to support Vietnam’s manufacturing industry.”

Mr. Lam Joon Khoi

“The Singapore Manufacturing Federation understands the importance of technology and regards Vietnam as a manufacturing with strong potentials. Therefore, we always encourage our local companies to explore business opportunities and collaborations in Vietnam. We have high expectations with METALEX Vietnam, therefore we brought to showcase high end technologies that will benefit Vietnamese manufacturers.”

Mr. Masahiko Sakamoto
Senior Director, Commerce and Industry Division, Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs

“We invited 15 members to join the Tokyo Pavilion who are eager to showcase their high quality products and technologies, which are well-received by local and international customers. We hope that METALEX Vietnam will be a great opportunity for visitors to know the technological strength of SMEs in Tokyo and start new partnerships with them.”

With aims of setting Vietnam as the center of electronics manufacturing in ASEAN, the Electronics Assembly 2017 brings assembles providers under the Singapore Pavilion to showcase the most advanced products and technologies to enable electronics manufacturers boost efficiency and minimize production costs.


Mr. Ronnie Wong
Chief Operating Officer
“Vietnam’s support industries must quickly adapt themselves with new technologies and solutions in order to move up the value chain and look out for available market to embrace. This year our 19 companies are ready to help manufacturers discover the latest electronics components, parts and accessories, PCB to high tech assembly, machine vision camera and many more at the Singapore Pavilion.”

Mr. Taveesak Srisuntisuk
Managing Director

“This year, we will highlight our latest Global Performance coordinate measuring machine ideal for users who need perform variety of metrology operations, and the AICON PrimeScan for highly precise 3D digitalization of industrial components. These technologies give our customers the confidence to increase production speed and accelerate productivity while enhancing product quality.”

Mr. Kazuya Yoshimura
Managing Director

“Our team of skillful engineers will be pleased to help optimize your production efficiency with latest GSL-10, 6 inch spindle spec and the GSL-15 Plus, 8 inch spindle spec, which we will exhibit at METALEX Vietnam 2017. Since the event is an important gathering for the Vietnamese metalworking industry, I think it is a great opportunity for us to introduce the ‘TAKAMAZ’ brand in Vietnam.”

Mr. Naoya Ogawa
Sales Manager

“According to our experience with local manufacturers, we see that Vietnamese manufacturers have been getting more powerful in terms of production technics and financial capital; their demands for cutting-edge machines are also rising higher. We have available technologies such as the CNC Servo Motor Driven Ram Turret Punch Press and many more based on our 80 years of experience in the metal fabrication industry.”

Mr. Pham Van Toi

“We are ready to serve the industry by showcasing the latest technologies such as the TRIDENT CNC Tapping Center, MANFORD CNC LATHE & MACHINING CENTER, SOCO TAIWAN TUBE BENDER – SAWING MACHINE & TUBE LASER and many more. Exhibiting at the show will help us generate customer contacts from the automobile, spare parts, and building sectors.”

Mr. Minh Lee

“We see METALEX Vietnam as the right gateway to bridge us closer with Vietnamese industrialists, helping them understand the potentials of Industry 4.0. Hence, we are delighted to introduce our customers the CNC HACO PressMaster 35150 and the LFK CNC Hydraulic Turret Punch T3, to achieve more production efficiency and competitive advantage in the market.”

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Son
General Manager

“Customers can expect to see our fastest machining center such as the BROTHER that features No. 30 spindle to achieve high productivity. OKUMA intelligent technology with automatic adjustment for optimal cutting conditions. MIYANO – CNC Automatic lathe machine with strongest high rigidity for heavy machining.”

“Baden-Württemberg: International, Innovative, Inviting”
Mr. Marko Walde
Chief Representative

  • Presentation will be conducted in English and Vietnamese in translation.
“Supply Chain Optimization”

From strategic to operational level, METALEX Vietnam Forum 2017 will cover an overview of supply chain optimization and management thereof. Supply chain is not only about managing cost, but also helps manufacturers add value by being flexible.

  • Presentation will be conducted in Vietnamese.
“Development trends, opportunities and solutions for Vietnamese manufacturing industries in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution”

Assoc. Dr. Pham Ngoc Tuan
Vice President
Ho Chi Minh City Association of Mechanical Engineering (HAME)
The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here. Technologıcal advances have blurred the boundaries between the digital and physical worlds. Intelligent, interconnected systems now seamlessly support activities along the entire value chain. Therefore, this course will highlight technical training programs that are designed primarily to help engineers create value and opportunities for a smart future.

  • Presentation will be conducted in Vietnamese.
  • Only delegates who complete program will be accredited to receive certificate from Engineer Master Class.

The spin top battle competition, Koma Taisen is set to explode on
14 October, from 10.00 – 16.00 hrs. Contestants are given the chance to display metalworking skills through spin tops they designed with accuracy and precision. Don’t forget to drop by the arena to see who will the intense competition!

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Important Note: “METALEX Vietnam” is open to trade visitors only. Please dress in business attire. Those wearing shorts and/or and minors under the age of 15 will not be permitted into the exhibition halls.

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