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Officially opened! Sea of industrialists across Vietnam and business delegation from many nations has poured into Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center (SECC) to participate in what is recognized as Vietnam’s international machine tools and metalworking solution show. This year, METALEX Vietnam, accompanied by 3 mega exhibitions, continues the trend of providing attendees what they need; a platform on knowledge, technology and business partnership serving to strengthen a stronger metalworking and supporting industry. For exhibitors, it is a perfect opportunity to present key functions of their exhibits on display while exchanging business contacts. With thousands of visitors arriving, it is now wonder that exhibitors are working enthusiastically to deliver new approaches to speed up productivity. Only two days left and technology providers can hardly wait to welcome you!

The opening ceremony was presided over by Chief Representative of Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO Ho Chi Minh City), Mr. Takimoto Koji, Director of Investment and Trade Promotion Center of Ho Chi Minh City, Mr. Phan Thiet Hoa and Managing Director of Reed Tradex, Mr. Isara Burintramart who encouraged manufacturers to find technologies, solutions, and connections that will elevate their business to the international stage.

Mr. Takimoto Koji
Chief Representative
Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO HCMC)

“We, JETRO, have been organizing this Supporting Industry/Business Alliance exhibition for more than 10 years with an aim to improve the local procurement ratio. I think the competitive capability improvement will be an urgent mission for assembled product manufacturers (set-makers) and a strong increase of local procurement ratio will become an important key to success for Japanese companies before 2018 ASEAN economic integration and Vietnamese tax abolition.”

Mr. Phan Thiet Hoa
Investment and Trade Promotion Center

“Developing supporting industries has been considered as one of the most prior policies of Vietnam in order to promote the development of industries, and help to boost the process of industrialization - modernization of the country. Therefore, in order to promote development of the supporting industries in Vietnam, the Business Alliance for Supporting Industry 2016 and METALEX Vietnam will provide opportunity for them to meet new customers, and explore new technologies to improve efficiency in the manufacturing process.”

Mr. Isara Burintramart
Managing Director
Reed Tradex Co., Ltd.

“This Thursday marks our 10th anniversary of enhancing the competitiveness of Vietnam’s metalworking industry with right technologies, solutions, connections and knowledge; for them to connect with foreign enterprises and utilize our platform to achieve business goal at the international level. I am confident that the powers of 4 shows combine will foster better collaboration through the exchange of best practices among local and overseas delegates.”

Exhibitors from each booth professionally demonstrated their state-of-the-art technologies in wide range of metalworking applications. Participants from diverse industry sectors watch in awe of the innovative functions and possibilities that these machines can deliver. You can also experience new machinery by joining our special activity “Shows in Show.” Once you collect at least 4 stamps from 4 booths, you will receive cool souvenir at Facebook Activity Booth.

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Yesterday, delegates attending the exclusive seminar by JETRO are impressed with the presentation on “Market penetration of Japanese companies in Vietnam and current activities and tasks of supporting industry”. They planned to bring ideas and facts, voiced during the session, to further improve their business performance. Today, don’t miss exciting seminars packed with up-to-date knowledge, including Engineer Master Class with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Ngoc Tuan, Vice President of HAME who will discuss the topic “The Fourth Industrial Revolution: The Context, Big Trends, Typical Products and Technologies”, and Technology Presentations by HEXAGON, INDUSTRIAL ONE and TRUMPF.  

The Fourth Industrial Revolution: The Context, Big Trends, Typical Products and Technologies”

Attendee of Engineer Master Class will be provided with special training course for engineers who want to broaden their knowledge with the latest industry trend and movement. Besides theory and practical knowledge, you will have the opportunity to share new ideas and network with peers of the industry in this special seminar. Clear your schedule for the thought-provoking session on 7 October 2016

“Hydrogen Energy”

Proton OnSite is a global leader in hydrogen energy and innovative gas solutions. Since 1996, we have been developing and applying hydrogen technology in creative and practical ways that best meets the diverse requirements of our customers. Our advanced proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolysis systems coupled with our uncompromising attention to excellence and quality enables us to deliver, install and support gas generation units on every continent

“SMART Street Lighting System”

Smart city solutions are regarded as key in reducing energy and maintenance costs, complying with the legal requirements of climate protection and providing better services by creating beautiful and valued destination for visitors and citizens. SMART street lighting plays a central role in this.

“Romer Absolute Arm from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence_3D Portable Measuring Solutions”

Romer Absolute Arm can be used with single point probe, laser scanning head sensor as well as measuring tube head sensor. Diversifying in product range as well as accuracy level, Romer Absolute Arm can help industrialist to increase productivity across all industries.

“Laser Technology and Its Applications in the Electronics Manufacturing”

Laser is a powerful tool in various industries, from automotive, electronics to aerospace. This seminar offers an introduction to the laser technology and illustrates examples of laser enabling new possibilities in the electronics manufacturing sector.

Mr.Sheng Lee
Sales Representative

“METALEX Vietnam is the most important show that we have to participate when we enter the Vietnamese market. We want to develop human resource in Vietnam branch that is the most effective way to get Vietnamese’s insight, so that we can expand our production line as well as provide the best service.”

Mr. Rai Afaq Ali
International Sales Manager

“We want to expand business in Vietnam and introduce products from our company; METALEX Vietnam 2016 give us that opportunity. We’re already had customers here, most of them are mold manufacturers who are very potential supplier. We welcome any visitors who are looking for consultancy and new ways to drive down cost in manufacturing”.

Mr. Masami Zaiki

“This is a platform for cooperation between Vietnam and Japan. We have invited about 30 potential customers to visit us at METALEX Vietnam 2016. The solution we suggest for our customers is the best; I believe it will bring them more profit and better productivity. I hope that customers and partners will choose us because NITTO SEIKO is the No.1 supplier in Asia.”

Mr. Alessandro Brunelli
Sales Department

“My reason to participate METALEX Vietnam this year is to find partners and representation about company in Vietnam. I don’t have any target customer but my target here is to expand and develop my brand in Vietnam, we are reducing the price and selling on over Vietnam and Asia”.

Mr. Tan Phek Wei
Senior Product Engineer

“At METALEX Vietnam this year, we want to promote QES and Nikon products, create the awareness of Nikon products in industry market. We don’t pay attention at any target but just wanna meet the right agents in Vietnam. Our products can provide support in every range of industry process, in terms of quality, productivity.”

Mr.Masayori Takehana
Chief Representative
SAEILO (Thailand) CO., LTD.

“The reasons that we join METALEX Vietnam this year, is to expand our brand in Vietnamese market by exhibiting our newest products. We are looking for manufacturers, not distributors. Our manufactory focuses on latest drill machine, milling machine, and especially modern design software.”

Mr. Hiromiki Goto
Sales Department Manager

“As my knowledge, METALEX Vietnam is one of the biggest technology exhibitions in Vietnam. Although we have brought our products through many countries but this is the first time we bring them to Vietnam. We hope that partners and customers will support and give a warm welcome to Sodick (Thailand). Moreover, I am enthusiastic to give the best service to our customers and hopeful that people in Vietnam may try out our technologies.”

Mr. Tatsunori Fukuda
Team Leader/Sale Engineering

“We previously joined METALEX Vietnam and wanted to come back this year, because we see the potentials in the Vietnamese market. We want to introduce THK’s products, listen to our customers and respond them by our own voice. THK produces automatic machine and device that help to reduce human resource. Let’s think about how it will be great if machine can take over people working.”

Mr. Tong Phuoc Tien
Supply Staff

“This is the third time I come here to looking to expand my network and find chemical surface treatment to help our business. This is a must-visit event for manufacturers looking to seek new partnerships while discovering new solutions to enhance productivity.”

Mr. Nguyen Tan Binh
Semi Product Section Manager

“I come from Omrom Healthcare Manufacturing Vietnam, I believe METALEX Vietnam links many companies together. We want to improve the quality of people’s lives by providing clinically validated so that I come to exhibition to find out solutions and partners”.

Mr. Ken Peters
Director, Manufacturing Engineering

“There are many interesting machines at this event such as automation technologies that is on display. Besides new technologies, this is also a perfect opportunity to seek new partnerships and learn new trends.”

Ms. Saichol Udomsin
Sales/General Manager, Lawyer

“I come to this show to see the latest development in metalworking. In addition, I’m also finding new testing equipment and materials to apply for our products. This is an interesting trade fair to visit.”

Mr. Yoon-Young Kim
Overseas Business Manager

“METALEX Vietnam helps me to find proper suppliers to complete my manufacturing process. Therefore, I suppose this as a golden chance for my companies on market. Catching up and taking action together. That’s my purposes. METALEX Vietnam gives our company a chance to provide better quality of my products”.

Mr. Yoshinori Kogure
Manager of Asia Sales

“METALEX Vietnam is a great chance that many companies desiderate to join because of the opportunities connected among many companies on the market. Thanks to this exhibition, there are more and more manufactures come to Vietnam, and bring more quality products, benefit will increase also”.

Be sure to join us for tomorrow’s “Koma Taisen” Competition from
10.00 – 16.00 hrs. It is the ground that celebrates metalworking excellence in design and techniques through the creation of spinning tops. Come see which “koma” will last through the competition!

Group Visitors from Vietnam and overseas were excited about the event. This is where they could learn from each other, reconnect with old acquaintance, and experience the latest machinery to increase their competitiveness. From presidents to chief engineers leading the groups, these attendants were eager to see what innovative solutions and metalworking technologies were awaiting at METALEX Vietnam.

Come join our exciting Facebook Activity at the back of the exhibition hall and instantly win amazing souvenir!

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