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Exchanging ideas, discovering innovative solutions, and making trends matters – these are the objectives of METALEX Vietnam 2016 and its co-located shows.

The “Business Alliance for Supporting Industry 2016,” “METALEX Vietnam 2016,” “Industrial Components and Subcontracting Vietnam 2016” and “NEPCON Vietnam 2016” open today! Again, the grand arena of 4 mega power exhibitions will be empowering industrialists with the latest technologies, innovative solutions and latest developments from across industry sectors. The next three show days of METALEX Vietnam, over 500 brands, 25 countries accompanied by 8 Pavilions from China, India, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Thailand will showcase and explain to potential buyers how they can increase productivity, improve quality and reduce production cost with the right machine tools and metalworking solutions. Get ready to enhance your productivity and achieve new level of success in the global arena
with us!

METALEX Vietnam’s special activity “Shows in Show” will bring you around the exhibition hall to exhibitors who will provide demonstration of their technologies. You will receive cool souvenirs once you collected at least 4 Stamps from 4 different booths in your “Shows in Show” Passport. Route # 1 starts at entrance A1 and Route # 2 starts at entrance A2.

Please check time slot below.

Mr. Isara Burintramart
Managing Director
Reed Tradex
Co., Ltd.

“We selected Vietnam not only for being Asia’s top destination for investment but also for its growing role as a manufacturing hub. Industrialists know that opportunities are here, and they will need to move quickly no matter how rapidly the changing business environment may be. I believe the powers of 4 events combine will not only foster better collaboration and communication between industrialists but will also encourage the exchange of best practices among local and overseas business delegates. “

Mr. Koji Takimoto
Chief Representative
JETRO Ho Chi Minh City

“Through the global and regional economic dynamism, the enterprises investing from Japan are seeking new frontier; Vietnam is one strongly recommendable country with its labor force, capacity of space and future market possibility. In order to support efforts and strengthen needs, JETRO will organize “Business Alliance for Supporting Industry in Ho Chi Minh City” within METALEX Vietnam 2016. We believe that business matching does not only lead to opportunity, but also lead to strengthening competitiveness in the market.”

Mr. Phan Thiet Hoa
Investment and Trade Promotion Center

“Trade exhibition is one avenue for businesses, especially supporting industries approach new technologies and increasingly advanced requirements in order to improve, upgrade production line and create competitive position. The Business Alliance for Supporting Industry 2016, METALEX Vietnam 2016 and Industrial Components & Subcontracting Vietnam 2016, is where manufacturers in supporting industry can search, access to knowledge, new trends, and modern technological innovations that may affect the future of the industry.”

Mr. Virendra Gupta
Deputy Director General

“With government supporting policies and implementing reforms, I believe this is a perfect opportunity for India firms seeking to expand and develop partnerships with potential Vietnamese companies. As a result, we decided to join METALEX Vietnam in order to bring India’s machine tools and metal forming manufacturers closer to local industrialists and expand our customer base in ASEAN.”

Mr. Park Young Tahk
Executive Vice Chairman

“Vietnam is one of Korea’s important overseas markets for machinery and metalworking solutions. Hence, we decided to bring 12 companies under the Korea Pavilion at METALEX Vietnam in order to raise awareness of Korean technologies, and develop strong yet resilience business relationships with potential customers. The Korea Association of Machinery Industry and its members are more than ready to answer machinery inquiries at our booth.”

Mr. Tatsuya Noma
Senior Director, Commerce and Industry Division, Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs

“METALEX Vietnam will be a great opportunity for visitors to get acquainted with the technological capabilities of SMEs in Tokyo, and start a solid business relationship with them. High quality-products from Tokyo Pavilion can help local Vietnamese companies to grow and also encourage new players to enter the supporting industries.”

Mr. Alex Ko

“For the past 70 years, TAMI has always provided the best support to its members in expanding to overseas markets like Vietnam. The improved business environment, pro-growth fiscal policies and free trade agreements, has increased our members’ confidence in seeking investment opportunities in Vietnam. Thus, attending METALEX Vietnam 2016, we can help our members, who are more than ready, to introduce high quality products and build partnerships with local industrialists. We sincerely invite everyone to experience a variety of technologies at the Taiwan Pavilion.”

Ms. Paiyada Hanchaisuksakul
Director of Small & Medium Industrial Institute

“Many Thai small and medium-sized enterprises have been actively searching for new markets and opportunities in ASEAN. Vietnam is one of their selected destinations since it offers favorable business policies, and the advantage of FTA. In this regard, the Small & Medium Industrial Institute under The Federation of Thai Industries will lead 19 companies specializing parts and components manufacturing to join METALEX Vietnam’s Thailand Pavilion.”

Mr. Taveesak Srisuntisuk
Managing Director

“Industrialists can visit our booth to experience the Romer Absolute Arm with HP-L 20.8 Laser Scanner, White Light Measuring System and Global Classic CMM. Our innovations can empower customers to increase their production speed and accelerate productivity while enhancing product quality.”

Mr. Kensaku Kashiwagi
Sales Division General Manager

“Showa Denki’s powerful and durable Windracer fan can blow stable wind at high efficiency, which is suitable for hot and humid area. Furthermore, manufacturers who want oil-mist-free machine tools can see our Mistresa, high performance mist collector and other technology for your factory needs at our booth.”

Mr. Pham Van Toi

“We are well-equipped with state-of-the-art production technologies to deliver high-quality machining processes to serve the needs of their customers. During the show, industrialists can experience our comprehensive range of technologies such as CNC tube bender, laser cutters, shearing machine and many more. ”

Mr. Nguyen Quang Ha
Vice HCM Manager

“Vietnam economy is going up, especially sheet-metal processing business and we, Amada-Hason is also developing together with our customers. This year, we bring high technology fiber laser cutting machine, LCG-3015AJ 4KW model, which has the abilities to process wide range of materials, from copper to titanium, with high precision, low power consumption and strong service support from our engineer team. We surely believe that our products can deliver maximum return on investment and productivity for manufacturers.”

Mr. Tran Quy Loi
General Director

“METALEX Vietnam provides a good opportunity to show the power and capability of Nichiden’s products and services to the Vietnamese market. Not only manufacturers will experience top quality technologies such as the Linear Motion Guide and AGV KIT, but we also provide after-services such as technical assistance and repairs.”

Mr. Akihiro Kano
Overseas Sales Dept II Sales Section Chief

“Our basic approach to R&D is to hear our customer needs and focus on product development from their perspective. Once you know their specification, we can create real solutions by integrating capabilities and technical expertise of our sales, technical and production division. This is why IKO’s products are unique and high-value-added with outstanding market appeal.”

Mr. Ho Hong Thien

“To deliver complete solutions and service packages for our customers in Vietnam. Therefore, at the show, we will highlight plate machine technology and steel machine technology for steel structure, elevator and interior applications from leading brands such as Kruman from Singapore, along with Yawei and Zhouxiang from China.”

On 6 October 2016, from 14.00 – 16.30 hrs., JETRO Ho Chi Minh City will host a special seminar, bringing some the most influential speakers of the industries to discuss about “Market Penetration of Japanese Companies in Vietnam and Current Activities and Tasks of Supporting Industry”

The Fourth Industrial Revolution: The Context, Big Trends, Typical Products and Technologies”

Attendee of Engineer Master Class will be provided with special training course for engineers who want to broaden their knowledge with the latest industry trend and movement. Besides theory and practical knowledge, you will have the opportunity to share new ideas and network with peers of the industry in this special seminar. Clear your schedule for the thought-provoking session on 7 October 2016

“Hydrogen Energy”

Proton OnSite is a global leader in hydrogen energy and innovative gas solutions. Since 1996, we have been developing and applying hydrogen technology in creative and practical ways that best meets the diverse requirements of our customers. Our advanced proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolysis systems coupled with our uncompromising attention to excellence and quality enables us to deliver, install and support gas generation units on every continent

“SMART Street Lighting System”

Smart city solutions are regarded as key in reducing energy and maintenance costs, complying with the legal requirements of climate protection and providing better services by creating beautiful and valued destination for visitors and citizens. SMART street lighting plays a central role in this.

“Romer Absolute Arm from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence_3D Portable Measuring Solutions”

Romer Absolute Arm can be used with single point probe, laser scanning head sensor as well as measuring tube head sensor. Diversifying in product range as well as accuracy level, Romer Absolute Arm can help industrialist to increase productivity across all industries.

“Laser Technology and Its Applications in the Electronics Manufacturing”

Laser is a powerful tool in various industries, from automotive, electronics to aerospace. This seminar offers an introduction to the laser technology and illustrates examples of laser enabling new possibilities in the electronics manufacturing sector.

Some people believe that a spinning top is just a toy, but in the hands of engineers it becomes a device that displays metalworking excellence in techniques and unique design. Come immerse yourself in an intense battle that shows unique and design in action.

See who will win the exciting battle on 8 October, 2016 from 10.00 to 16.00 hrs.

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Important Note: “METALEX Vietnam” is open to trade visitors only. Please dress in business attire. Those wearing shorts and/or and minors under the age of 15 will not be permitted into the exhibition halls.

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