If we mention “aviation industry,” one may think of aircraft, airport, or logistics services Another important factor that complements and drive the industry is “airport transportation service.” 

“Cherdchai Corporation” is a no.1 airport shuttle bus provider that was expanded from “Cherdchai Group” a well-known travel bus provider.

Knowledge, techniques, skills, and advanced machinery assist Cherdchai Corp. in thriving continuously. They never stop developing their human resource and investing in technologies that benefit the company in the long run.

“I visit exhibitions whenever I can, every year. In Thailand, we have METALEX that is the largest event in the region. This kind of exhibition is very useful to me; we bought many of our machinery here at METALEX. With this exhibition, we don’t have to spend time going abroad,” said Mr. Yutthana Sornsongkram, Domestic Sales Director of Cherdchai Corporation Co., Ltd.

“All of our vehicles are assembled in our own factory. Some spare parts are supplied by Thai manufacturers. This helps reduce cost of importing parts from overseas for up to 75%, and,therefore, allows us to lessen the prices of sales and services. Consequently, our growth rate has increased to 200% within 2 years since the establishment of the company.”

Currently, the company owns over 80 buses in 8 airports across the country. In addition to the rentalbus service, they also manufacture their own brand of buses as well as an OEM service. Every bus is 100% guaranteed of quality and safety.

“We have strong confidence in our products’ quality and safety; especially, the safety system which is designed in accordance to international standards in every step. We provide 5 years warranty for free maintenance and repair. We could not have possibly offered this kind of warranty if we were not confident,”added Mr. Yutthana.

Mr. Yutthana Sornsongkram, Domestic Sales Director
of Cherdchai Corporation
Co., Ltd.

Mr. Yutthana is demonstrating safety systems in his shuttle bus.

An electric shuttle bus manufactured by Cherdchai Corporation Co., Ltd.

Fiber laser cutting machine that was ordered via METALEX exhibition.

If you want to be one of the prosperous industrialists who soar above the sky, come to learn and update trend of innovations and technologies along with receive abundance of knowledge in the exhibition “METALEX 2017” from 22-25 November 2017 at BITEC, Bangkok.