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Meet these industrialists and 60,000 more visitors at "Manufacturing Expo."

“We manufacture automotive and motorcycle parts as well as compressor and machinery parts. Late last year, we started expanding our exports of machinery parts and automotive accessories. We are enlarging our factory in response to the increasing production, and we are starting to produce our own brand to be ready for the AEC. I usually go to exhibitions to stay posted on new technologies that are essential to production lines and look for opportunities to broaden our customer base. And I will go visit ‘Manufacturing Expo.’”

Mr. Naruecha Sungkarat
Managing Director
C.S. Engineering Autoparts Co., Ltd.

 “We are the leading precision parts and fine blanking parts manufacturer in Thailand. Our products are manufactured with high technologies and new innovations for the best quality. The success of SCC Tech clearly shows that our manufacturing capacity and production standards more than meet the needs of our growing customer base. Highly advanced computer systems are used to create new designs and strategically test products. AEC is a chance of manufacturers to expand business, and they have to adapt and produce products of good quality by using the automation.”

Mr. Somkiat Chupukcharoen
Managing Director
SCC TECH Co., Ltd.

  Exhibitor’s Voice of Confidence

“We have been participating in Reed Tradex’s events for more than 20 years, and we trust their professionalism to deliver the business that they promise. At ‘Manufacturing Expo,’ we will bring the latest machinery of top-class Japanese brands to the show. I am certain that our technologies will help advance the industry and that the event will foster confidence of foreign investors in Thailand.”

「私たちは20年間以上リードTradexのイベントに参加しています。また、私たちは彼らが約束通りにビジネスを提供するように彼らのプロ意識を信頼しています。私たちはこの「Manufacturing Expo」にトップクラスの日本の最新の機械を持ってお見せします。

Mr. Kimiharu Yamaguchi
Managing Director / 常務取締役
Yamazen (Thailand) Co., Ltd. /
山善株式会社 (タイ

Prepare Your Supply Chain for Challenges. Attend "Manufacturing Expo Forum #2"

You are invited to attend “Manufacturing Expo Forum #2" on May 31 at  Ambassador City Hotel Pattaya, Chonburi, under theme “Manufacturing Industry Supply Chain Preparation for Facing the Challenges.” Topics:
  • "Analysis Approach for Cost of Procurement and Supply Chain in Challenging Situation""Case Study: Procurement Management and Supply Chain in Auto-Parts Industry"
  • SME Gears Up for Business Challenges in Supply Chain"

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“Manufacturing Expo” Business Delegation: The Red Carpet Service for Overseas Visitors

Business Delegation Privileges
  • “Manufacturing expo ” Fast Track at Suvarnabhumi Airport
  • Exclusive Briefing Session and Guided Exhibition Tour
  • Instant VIP Badge at Exclusive Business Delegation Counter
  • Unlimited Access to VIP Lounge

To enroll for the service, write to delegation@reedtradex.co.th.


Come source for the tools you need from the country’s widest selection of auto and industrial-parts making machinery, gain the knowledge you are interested in from numerous tracks of quality conferences throughout the show days, attend special “NAO” humanoid robot performances from Europe, and join in the activities to boost your business expansion to a new level!!!

One of the biggest attractions for industrialists this year at Manufacturing Expo, Thailand’s largest manufacturing and supporting industries exhibition, will be the exposition of Sheet Metal innovative machinery and technologies and C.N.C. Far East Machinery Co., Ltd. will join the show and make a “Foam Sealing Equipment” debut.

C.N.C. Far East, a distributor of world class-quality sheet metal machinery with spare parts and an experienced technical service team, offers reliable installation and consultation services. According to C.N.C. Far East, the Foam Sealing Equipment provides perfect solutions for sealing system and lots of advantages such as excellent sealing performance with good repeatability, stable and reliable security features, and higher productivity.

To add more excitement to the Sheet Metal technologies, C.N.C. Far East will also show off a “CNC Punching Machine”, the most flexible punching m/c for any punching application today with a MTX-FLEX HYD Motro Controller System. The machine is applicable for punching, nibbling, engraving, marking, beading, bending, cutting, etc. So, don’t miss the opportunity to explore and acquire the latest technologies to enhance your production efficacy as well as maximize your profit.

You are invited to be a part of Manufacturing Expo 2012, to be packed with 1,500 exhibitors from 30 countries and 60,000 buyers from Thailand and Asean, which will take place between 21-24 June 2012 at BITEC Bangkok.

Technology Gallery: Get a sneak peak of C.N.C. Far East’s Technologies below

Foam Sealing Equipment

Model: HGT J362
  • Four axis (X,Y,Z,W) linkage through the control of industrial computer.
  • Processing speed up to 6-30m/30 min.
  • The uniform mixture is poured into a certain place of the workpiece to get the sealing areas.
  • The glue brushing line is automatic line.

CNC Punching Machine

Model: ZX Autoindex/ MTX Flex 6 Autoindex
  • High accuracy of 0.05 mm.
  • Repeatability and controllable speed from 10-2000 hits/min.
  • Capacity 300 kN.
  • Length of up and down stroke adjustable.
  • Speed of ram movement adjustable.
  • Acceleration/ Deceleration adjustable.
  • Dwell time adjustable.
  • Clamps setting.

Thai composites industry is growing rapidly as composites materials have been widely used in the industries of plastic parts, automotive, construction, building decoration, and so on. Mr. Thapanick Kumnungwout, President of Thai Composites Association, will bring members and composites manufacturers to exhibit the latest composites materials at “Composites Thailand 2012”, Thailand’s Only Exhibition on Composites Manufacturing Technologies and Raw Materials, a Featured Pavilion of InterPlas Thailand 2012, the only plastic & rubber manufacturing machinery and technologies in Thailand, a part of “Manufacturing Expo."

Mr. Thapanick revealed, “At Composites Thailand, there will be a showcase of composites materials that are used to substitute other materials. The highlight, this year, will be the composites materials for the construction industry. We will present composites materials that can be substituted for steel and wood in doors and windows productions because the shape of these composites will not be changed, damaged nor rust because of water or heat. And the composites are lighter and more durable than other materials.

“We attend InterPlas Thailand because it is an international exhibition that manufacturers of all industries from around the world will join. It is a great opportunity for visitors to meet with all sectors of the manufacturing industry. Thai composites industry is a leader in the region and we will maintain this leadership by developing innovative design and research as well as composites cluster of manufacturers.”


Chopped Strand Mat”
Mrs. Mali Wang, Managing Director of Asia Fiberglass (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a member of Thai Composites Association, said “The composites industry, this year, grows strongly. We will attend InterPlas Thailand to promote our company and fiberglass products. We will present “E-GLASS Chopped Strand Mat”, which weights 80g - 600g. We now have the biggest comprehensive fiberglass plant in Thailand that will officially be in operations this July. Customers will get to use the composites materials that are new, durable, of good quality with reasonable price.”

Don’t miss this opportunity to boost your business from the composites materials at InterPlas Thailand 2012.

  Exclusive Services for Stronger Business Networks

Meet Your Future Business Contacts
at “Business Matchmaking”

Achieve your business objectives more efficiently with "Business Matchmaking" service at “Manufacturing Expo.” Meet the target buyers, sellers or future business associates you want by simply letting us know what type of companies you would like to meet, we will take care of the rest.

Please write to bmm@reedtradex.co.th to register for the service.     

“Agent Wanted”: The Center of Top Class Agents Discovery

“Agent Wanted” service will help technology providers who are looking for agents in Thailand find the agents who would like to represent new brands of technologies.

If you are interested in the services, please write to Surachet.Vich@reedtradex.co.th or Sutthipun.Nujj@reedtradex.co.th to inquire.

“Sourcing Service”: The Meeting Place of Perfect Business and Outsourcing Partners.

Business partners or outsourcing partners can help reduce production costs and increase huge profitability, that is if you can get the right one. Hence, Manufacturing Expo will assist you in finding THE right one with the “Sourcing Service.” Just inform us the types and criteria of partners you want to meet, and we will find your perfect match and arrange a face-to-face meeting at the show. This service comes with several privileges as well.

To apply, please e-mail: Surachet.Vich@reedtradex.co.th or Sutthipun.Nujj@reedtradex.co.th or
call tel. +66 2686 7302
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Sourcing Service Privileges:
  1. Unlimited Access to VIP Lounge: An exclusive area to relax or have a private discussion with your prospective partners during the opening hours (10.00-18.00 hrs).
  2. Instant VIP Badge: Avoid the long queue at the registration counter as your VIP Badge will be available at VIP Counter.
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