In the age of digital disruption, automotive manufacturers have introduce many models of smart and electric vehicles to the market. For part-makers and assemblers to keep up with the higher standard of production, they need specialized tools and equipment to enable testing and measurement at the ultra-high precision level. This is what your products and expertise can empower them with at the Metrology & Testing Zone at “Automotive Manufacturing – ASEAN’s Most Comprehensive Exhibition on Automotive Parts Manufacturing Technology, the largest edition yet in 2020. 

With the opportunity to be exposed to over 100,000 quality participants who could become potential buyers, “Automotive Manufacturing” will offer a platform to showcase your niche products and services to the right market, publicize your brands to the wider audience, introduce your latest solutions and up level your business making with the ideal matches. Moreover, the associations for quality certification will be on hand to assist in providing consultant as well as certification on the quality management to ensure every facet of quality control in automotive manufacturing is represented.
Be a part of our larger than ever Metrology & Testing Zone at Automotive Manufacturing 2020, and enjoy the full promotional package to strengthen your business!!
  • Targeted use of complimentary visitor invitations. 
  • Highly specific direct mail campaigns to our extensively researched customer database. 
  • Radio & TV spots. 
  • Advertising and editorial coverage in press and magazines. 
  • Close liaison with quality trade and press including advertising, editorial and regular press releases. 
  • Roadshows. 
  • Factory Visits. 
  • eMarketing strategies. 
  • Show websites. 
  • And many more special activities!