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Defects are one of the major issues in auto-parts manufacturing process, it is very challenging for part makers to limit the defect as minimum as possible to reduce its production cost. To achieve this goal, precision matters. However, human eye alone is incapable of measuring with the precision necessary to produce the high quality parts needed, that is a reason why first-rate metrology technology is now more critical than ever.

It is undeniable that every auto parts you can think of needs to be inspected at one point somewhere along the supply chain. In this regard, Automotive Manufacturing 2018 will organize a “Metrology Zone” to garner leading metrology technology providers together in one area. This is surely where networks will be extended, business deals will be struck and business growth will be multiplied.

Join force with these industry leaders in the event and enjoy thousands
of business opportunities in the zone. Don’t miss!!

There is no better time to make your move than now while the markets
are full of demand for your innovative technologies and solutions.

Automotive Manufacturing 2018 is a part of the Manufacturing Expo 2018, ASEAN's Largest Manufacturing and Supporting Industries Event which consists of five international events dedicated to specific segments of the industries including mold and die, automotive, surface finishing, plastics, automation and assembly technology. The event will gather over 85,000 industrialists, manufacturers, and technical experts together under one roof which makes it a one-of-a-kind opportunity for you to enhance your brand visibility and create top-of-mind awareness among your potential buyers from the widest range of industry sectors.   

If you are a provider of technologies and solutions, you will not want to miss
this untapped chance to exhibit your high-caliber technologies while the markets
are full of demand for your innovative technologies and solutions.

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“Automotive Manufacturing” is open to trade visitors only. Please dress in business attire. Those wearing shorts and/or sandals and minors under the age of 15
will not be permitted into the exhibition hall. The organizer reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone without cause or explanation.

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