Most of people are afraid of robots and automation replacing human in factories but in reality, automation is an agent of change. It is said the traditional way of manufacturing powered by the automation solutions such as big data or robotics have a potential to create new jobs to support in the next few years. It can be said that robots are coming – not to replace all of us but to lend a hand in helping us achieve a greater thing.

Majority of companies in Thailand and beyond are now stepping into the next automation frontier by embracing more high-caliber robotics technologies to increase their productivity, efficiency, and accuracy in the production line. With the mass-adoption of advanced robotics and artificial intelligence tools, it is undeniable that the opportunities for technologies providers are enormous. However, how can they effectively reach those new prospects?

(Techcollectivesea, 2019)

The answer is here at Assembly & Automation Technology 2020 where will gather them all for you. The event is the leading platform where buyers and sellers meet each other. Your brand will be shining and outstanding in front of over 95,000 potential buyers.
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Assembly & Automation Technology 2020 will be a part of Manufacturing Expo 2020 where combines of 5 powerful shows under one roof, each dedicated to specific industries. This will offer you the true chance to max out your opportunities and achieve your business goal with us. 

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