In today’s world, business landscape become fiercer than ever; efficiency is everything. It is undeniable that optimized production process are essential to achieve a good competitive position. That is a reason why industrial automation steps in to offer more efficiency, greater productivity, and even more reliability. Big evolution is now coming through the process of natural selection.
Manufacturers will need adapt themselves in accordance to the ever-changing demand by adopting even more advanced automation and robotics solutions, to strengthen their business, and all of which can be found here at Assembly & Automation Technology 2020, ASEAN’s Most Comprehensive Exhibition on Industrial Automation System & Solutions and Assembly Technology.

The event will give technology providers the power to penetrate Thailand’s and ASEAN’s markets. If you own a powerful automation system and solutions, do not miss this platform to exhibit yours and upgrade Thailand’s automation onto a new chapter! 
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Strategic partner plays a significant role in boosting a performance of your sales lead and these exhibitors know it well. That is why some of them have already got a new head start on their next journey by reserving their 2020 exhibit space with us.
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Assembly & Automation Technology 2020 will be a part of Manufacturing Expo 2020 where combines of 5 powerful shows under one roof, each dedicated to specific industries. This will offer you the true chance to max out your opportunities and achieve your business goal with us. 

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